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Dewi Persik Biografi

Dewi Persik Profile

Name of birth : Murya Dewi Agung
Born : 18 December 1985 (age 23) Jember, East Java, Indonesia
Another name : Dewi Persik
Genre : Dangdut
Working : Singer, Actress
Years active : 2004-present
The Company recorded : Blackboard
Couples : Saiful Jamil (divorced), Nikah Siri : Ferry Joseph Farid Mansyur (divorced), Aldi Taher (present)
Parents : HM Aidil – Hj. Sri Muna
Filmografy :
Tali Pocong Perawan (2008)
Tiren: Mati Kemaren (2008)
Ku Tunggu Jandamu (2008)
Setan Budeg (2008)
Sinetron :
Mimpi Manis (SCTV 2005-2006) / produksi MD Entertainment

Dewi is known for his song Bintang Pentas. Peach own name given by his manager, Mr. Yogi, for his career shines like peaches in China is considered as the fruit of good luck. Soap operas ever starring, among others, Dream Goddess Sweet and Legend eps. Nyi Ronggeng. But Goddard's career is not always smooth. Goddard is famous for its rocking gergajinya started getting criticized for his stage act is pleasant, as well as minimal and tight clothes. The climax is when the Goddess after filling a TPI anniversary events held at Istora, January 23, 2008. Chest Goddess suddenly touched by a man. When the goddess wearing a white tank top with black stripes. Before touching breasts Goddard, the man stole fad Goddess breast images with the camera phone is busy when pedangdut sexy interviewed. Incidence of breast goddess who became public consumption is not the first place. In 2005, thanks to sway too 'hot' in a show SCTV, Goddard's exciting breasts go poking. The incident lasted only a few seconds. [1]
Year 2008 also be the year "ban" for the Goddess. The first local government to block the appearance of Goddess in the region is the Government of Tangerang City. Pecekalan was intended to avoid the vulnerability associated with social and regional regulation (Perda) No. 8 of 2005 concerning the prohibition of prostitution in the area. [2] Following Tangerang, Bandung Mayor also states ban Dewi Persik and also artists rocking outrageous (invite lust). [3] Then, a few other local governments to follow such as, Mayor of Depok, [4] South Sumatra MUI, [5] Bupati Sukabumi, [6] Regent of Probolinggo, [7] and the mayor of Balikpapan. [8]
Unfortunately, Goddard comments about pencekalannya fact that even disturb the atmosphere. Goddess consider these bans to curb his freedom and that is part of character assassination and slander against him. Even then Dewi Persik submit 'challenge' to prosecute those who slander it to the table of the law. [9] Not only that, the Goddess even catapult the sentence pitched 'threat' to the mayor of Tangerang. [10] Controversy ban that lasted for days day in the media to get attention from Menpora Adhiyaksa Dault and Minister for Women Empowerment, Meuthia Hatta. Even Menpora Goddess was calling to ask her introspection. [11] [12] [13] Before long, Goddard pleaded guilty and make mistakes, although he still will not change the oscillation erotic. [14]
Not only the Goddess of the harvest stage performances controversy, movie premiere, Tali Pocong Virgin also considered to be too much indulgence in private parts and leads to pornography. However, Goddard argued that "all of that money ends." [15]

After parting with Saipul, they played a married couple in the film "Satan anonymous" Maxima Pictures production.
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